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We played:

Birthday Party

Smrkovice Písek Friday 25.11.2016 more >>>

Abiturien Ball

KD Písek Písek Friday 11.11.2016 more >>>

ABBA Rocks Revival

ABBA Rocks Revival

Music Gala

Music Gala

Vladimír Hron & GC

Vladimír Hron & GC

Edith Piaf

Edith Piaf



Petra Kocová "Petra" voice


09.11.19 09.04.19 16.03.19

Tereza Nálevková "Tereza" vioce

 Tereza Nálevková je rodačka z ÄŒeských BudÄ›jovic. Její pÄ›veckou kariéru odstartovalo vítÄ›zství v soutěži „Jihočeský VRABÄŒÁK“ v roce 2008 a nyní studuje na Pražské konzervatoÅ™i obor populární zpÄ›v pod vedením Lídy Nopové. Dále působí v tanečním orchestru Václava Hybše. NejradÄ›ji se vÄ›nuje muzikálovým a šansonovým písním, ale styly jako jazz, rock, pop a country jí jsou také velmi blízké.


01.08.15 20.06.15 14.03.15

Radek Froulík "Radek" Solo Trompete


28.12.13 24.06.12
Martin Dejdar

Martin Dejdar "Martin Dejdar" moderation


28.12.13 11.02.12

Petr Martinák "Martinák"


26.01.19 28.12.13 09.06.11

Ilona Winterová "ILONA W." Singer

Ilona W. won peerlessly all-republic singing competition „CZECH TALENT – SOUTH BOHEMIAN SPARROW 2010“.

She comes from Stachy and she is finishing the singing conservatory in Prague. She became a permanent guest of the band GOOD COMPANY till 2016.

Her vocal range enables her as a singer unusually much. „She is such small unexploded bomb and she really loves rock music“.


14.05.16 12.03.16 04.03.16

Vratislav Měchura "Vráťa" moderator

Exceptional speaker, entertainer, dramaturgist and script-writer. Good Company likes to work with him because he is precise, hard-working and he never leaves the stage prematuraly.


10.06.16 21.02.15 26.01.13

Blanka Hrdinová "Blanche" singer

Is the winner of the competition in singing "The Talent of Písek Region" of 2006 and got the silver South Bohemian Sparrow (Vrabčák) from the following year 2007. You may experience her interpretation of the French songs from the repertoirs of Gilbert Becaud, Edith Piaf, Mireille Mathieu or Celine Dion. Her French means delight for the fans of this language.

Videoclip: non, je ne regrette rien.mp4


09.11.19 09.04.19 16.03.19

Edita Poláchová "Edit" singer

She is the winner of "The Talent of Písek Region" in 2007 and winner of the first round of the "South Bohemian Sparrow (Vrabčák)" of 2007. She is a singer with great gift and voice range who attracts also with her temperament and nature.


07.06.14 01.04.14 01.03.14
Láďa Hron

"Láďa Hron" singer

He is the best entertainer we have ever had in the Czech Republic. He overcrossed the language barrier and deals with the enormous memory for texts and melodies. We have firstly met him in 2000 at the gala night for the representatives of 28 world countries. His performance was indescribable. He was able to sing anything for anyone. Standing ovation took an hour and people (no matter of which nationality) jumped on the tables. We have been accompanying him since then with great pleasure as he is inimitable and absolutely original in comparison with others. He represents the top level due to his entertainment skills and style.



09.04.19 10.05.17 04.03.17
Michal David

"Michal David" singer

He made a bombastic live show in the Top Hotel Praha (February 19, 2009). He is a fantastic singer and the Czech musical king. We also performed with him and accompanied his programme. And it worked preciously!


Laďa Kerndl

"Laďa Kerndl" singer

Láďa met with Good Company many times during our tour through Norway, Switzerland and Germany. We accompanied him during his various performances around the Czech Republic. His last performance in Prague gave us an opportunity to listen and accompany his duet song "Summertime" with Blanka. It was simply astonishing and we truly enjoyed it!


03.06.11 01.12.08 10.11.07
Matěj Rupert

"Matěj Rupert" singer

MatÄ›j Rupert and his Monkey Business- personaloty and great gift! We were honoured to accompany him in the exceptional song " Ak nie si moja" of Vašo Patejdl. Common boy but singing devil on the stage!


Swingový orchestr Českého rozhlasu České Budějovice

Václav Hlaváč "Swingový orchestr Českého rozhlasu České Budějovice" Swing Orchestra

Václav Hlaváč represents the treasury of the South Bohemian swing music. As a player on the trumpet he performed uncountable number of concerts home as well as abroad. His trumpet could have been heard in all of the Czech biggest orchestras. Together with Good Company he plays the role of the accompanying orchestra throughout the largest South Bohemian competition in singing - the South Bohemian " Vrabčák" (Sparrow).


20.02.09 19.02.09 31.01.09
Roman Dragoun

"Roman Dragoun" singer

Recently he has been a truly welcomed guest of the Good Company and our livelong friend. We enjoy to play his "Other Side of the Moon" - the everlasting song (composed 25 years ago).


24.06.12 08.06.12 28.11.10
Petr Kolář

"Petr Kolář" singer

represents the all-night amusement and lively show. His genuine performance od the song " Ještěže TÄ› lásko mám" (It is not as if…, my love) was unbeliavable in our show. We all cross our fingers for him as he is really great and exceptional singer. No.2 right be after Karel Gott!


24.06.12 23.02.08 31.03.07
Davide Mattioli

"Davide Mattioli" singer

The Italian singer whose virtue is mainly the unchained temperament. He performed on the Good Company tour around the Czech Republic. He is a genuine Italian gentleman


19.01.08 17.02.07 14.09.06

Stefanie Ruso "Stefanie"

Is a purely universal (multi-purpose) professional singer. Her feeling of Black Music is original and hardly to be imitated. She has been performing with Good Company home as well as in Switzerland. More http://www.stefanieruso.com


13.08.16 06.08.16 18.06.16