We are playing :

We played:

Birthday Party

Smrkovice Písek Friday 25.11.2016 more >>>

Abiturien Ball

KD Písek Písek Friday 11.11.2016 more >>>

ABBA Rocks Revival

ABBA Rocks Revival

Music Gala

Music Gala

Vladimír Hron & GC

Vladimír Hron & GC

Edith Piaf

Edith Piaf







TV ČT2 Interview - Dobré ráno 28.8.2013 

TV ČT2 Song "Natural Woman" - Ilona Winter - zpěv, Petr A. Jirotka - guitar, Břetislav Bakala - piano

TV ČT2 Interview Ilona Winter - P.A.Jirotka TV ČT2 - Dobré ráno 28.8.2013

Video BoneyM revival

BoneyM meedley

BoneyM - Gotta Go Home

Welcome to the new web pages of the music band Good Company.

Those who know this band with the previous name DOLMEN are welcome to click the Gallery button where the photogallery and sound/video records may be looked into or downloaded. The List of Events button contains the list of planned events. Previous events and performances you may found in the Gallery section. Possible sound records as well as photos may be played or downloaded right in the details of specific event.

Agency in Swiss: Event & Music-Organisation Mr. Harry Kuhn

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